Gift Card想为挚爱的母亲准备一份完美的节日礼物?考虑买一张全球四季体验卡或者是四季生活会员卡吧。邀请妈妈享受四季酒店优越的设施及专业贴心的服务,无论哪一张卡都是温馨体贴的礼物。

Looking for a perfect gift for your beloved mother? Consider purchasing either the Four Seasons Gift Card or the Life by Four Seasons card. Invite your mother to experience the superior facilities and renowned service provided by Four Seasons.

咨询及购卡请拨 For purchase and reservations, please call

四季体验卡–礼品廊 Four Seasons Worldwide Gift Card – Gift Shop 86 (20) 8883-3888 转 8670

四季生活卡–会员中心 Life by Four Seasons Card – Membership Centre 86 (20) 8883-3355





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